This wikia is for me to organize my thoughts, notes, and ideas for a book I am currently writing. You may read it if you choose, but it's not advised since this story currently does not exist, and if one day it's published, you will be unbelievably spoiled.

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“So what if anyone and everyone can enter the race? The Jade Emperor doesn't want some old random muggle of the side of the road. He knows some old random muggle won't be the one to win the race. He wants someone like us."

"And what are we?" I asked.

I'll never forget her wicked smile that curled at the sound of those words. "Why, we're possessed of course."

An emperor no one's ever seen.

A race with a hidden starting line.

Snake women.



A wish.

And then, there's people like me. The possessed.

I know, it sounds crazy, but all of this is what's called the Spirit Race. A call for one brave soul to cross that finish line, and in return, his or her's deepest wish will be granted.

Now I can assure you, I am not one brave soul. In fact, I was completely happy with taking over my family's restaurant, which may be a bit... odd at times, but still normal and safe enough for me. That was, until my mom said her last words, which were spent begging me to enter that race.

That if I didn't, the world as we know it would cease to exist.

So here I am. Traveling with a not-entirely sane girl, who swears that we are, in fact, possessed by the spirits of the 12 zodiac animals. Yes, animals, such as your pet dog Fido, who ate his own poop last week. You can just imagine my overwhelming excitement to hear I might be possessed by a poop-eating dog.

Now, I'm sure you have lots of questions because believe me, I do too.

Such as: Why'd the emperor create such an elaborate race in the first place? Oh, and will I die?

My name is Jae Park, and I'm possessed.

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